Why we started our Event Styling Services

Let’s go back to my wedding day in the year 2012, how can I forget that beautiful day, when I married my best friend and the love of my life, Danny. Let’s rewind a little more, around 2 months before the wedding day, when we decided to get married after 2 years of engagement and 4 months pregnant with our oldest. We were so ready to start the new married chapter that we thought nothing could stop our decision of getting married and planning a wedding in only 2 months, a little crazy, don’t you think? Well immediately comes in my mother, and partner, Lindy, to offer to help plan the entire wedding with her devoted passion for designing and hosting, and when I say she loves to host, I mean she takes the crown of “hostess-with-the-mostess”.

After going with a small wedding of 50 guests in my Grandfather’s beautiful Hacienda Venue, the wedding turned out great! It was simple and beautiful, full of details that reflected our love for the beach, which is also where Danny very romantically proposed marriage. Everyone had lots of fun and thought that it was a very beautiful wedding celebration.

Now let me dive a little deeper into the not-so-perfect moments, the moments where the overwhelming and the not-so-happy feelings came over mom and me. Let me start by saying I tend to have a “DIY” kind of mindset where I think I can do everything myself and I don’t need to ask for help. I also have to add that I get some of it from my mother, being the very resourceful and thrifty person she is, she also tries to do everything without bothering other people around her. I think you can see where I’m going here. We thought we had it all figured out, that we could do everything ourselves without asking or hiring help.

So here is what happened. Mom is rushing in the kitchen half-ready preparing her delicious deviled eggs as part of the hors d’oeuvre menu while I’m rushing to do the entire bridal party and my own wedding make-up (before you say anything, I’m a licensed cosmetologist, lol), then all of a sudden the beautiful wedding arch was knocked down by the intense country winds of Puerto Rico! The chaos and stress brought mom to tears, thankfully dad came in and helped fix the problem. But why did we brought this unnecessary stress to ourselves that day? Because we didn’t hire help and wanted to “DIY IT”. Don’t get me wrong in the end it all felt like it was all worth it, after all, I did marry the love of my life and we are close to celebrating our very happy 10th year anniversary. But when I look back to that day I would have really love to hired help! Not only for me to enjoy more but for my unconditional-loving mother. Instead of us relaxing and enjoying a beautiful mother-daughter time before the big moment, we were busy trying to make sure everything was perfect.

I can’t say that everything was a mistake, after all, Glitter Poppy Event Styling was born out of this experience and our desire to help people have a hassle-free planning process and beautiful designs that leave lasting impressions. But I will say you can always learn from the experiences of others. That you can avoid repeating not enjoying your special celebration just because you think you can do everything yourself or with a friend or family member. My advice, don’t risk it, plan accordingly and hire help. Hosting an event can be stressful as it is, so make it easier on you and your loved ones by hiring and trusting a professional team that will make sure nothing is missed and that you get to do what’s most important, enjoying your celebration.


P.S We can confidently say that we have learned, grown, trained with some of the best experts in the industry, and been through so many other experiences as event professionals since our 2012 arch incident. We are more than ready to help you design, develop and execute your next event and it would make us very happy to be a part of your celebration. Whatever your final decision is we hope that our story can help make the right choice in trusting experienced professionals to handle your special celebration so can enjoy it.