Quinceaneras and Sweet 16

This Quinceanera celebration was a bit of a challenge because the quinceanera wanted a casual beach-themed quince and grandma wanted all elegance and tradition. So it was up to Glitter Poppy to bring the perfect balance and make sure everyone’s vision came together for the final result. In the end, we found a balance that not only had everyone’s desires included, it also was an amazing transformation of the newly renovated venue space for the Berry Creek Country Club. Everyone was happy and we are so glad to be a part of all of it. The Berry Creek Country Club provided excellent food, beverage, and service as always. The entertainment was outstanding by DJ Gavin. Everyone dance and had so much fun. It will be something they won’t forget for years to come. And the beautiful cake was provided by the very talented Jacqueline Fernandez. It was so delicious there was none left. A very special thank you to Elizabeth Pfuntner for trusting us completely with all of this.