Kids Parties

On weekends we transform spaces and bring unforgettable memories for other families but this one was for my baby.  Daniela Isabel turned seven!

It was a small gathering in our brand new home but it was lots of fun. Of course, we gave it a Glitter Poppy twist, bringing some modern and chic style to it, just like we love to do. The stunning cake was done by Grandma Evelyn Declet and mom Laura Cristina.

The cute and comfy kids table was a success! The kids sat there to chat, eat food & goodies and to rest from the amazing bouncy water house and slide provided by the always reliable Ronny with Ronny’s Event Rental.

Thanks to everyone that came and shared such special day with us, and to everyone that helped make this day so special for Danielita. With an extra special thanks to “TITI”, that came from a far away island to make our kids smile and have so much fun.  Everything was so cute, chic and simple but must importantly Daniela Isabel had a day she will never forget!

Happy 7th birthday my beautiful daughter! All of your family and friends love you very very much and we hope that you never forget yesterday’s moments! All of the hard work your Dad and Mom do is for the best for you and your little brother! May I have the health and strength to see you grow each and every day for many years to come! Te amo Daniela Isabel