Blush, Burgundy & Navy Elegant Brunch Wedding at Georgetown Texas

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Today we want to discuss a lovely and young couple, Shelby & Nick! We connected with this sweet couple through the Berry Creek Country Club when we partnered with Lexi Vasquez, the fantastic Catering Director of the Club. When we first met Shelby and her mother, Deborah, it felt just right! Even though they were nervous and excited simultaneously, they both seem to feel very comfortable with the planning and design process that started that day. It might have been the mother-daughter combo we bring to the table 🙂 who knows. Somehow, the four of us connected as mothers and daughters working together, which was very pleasant.

Ultimately, Shelby decided on an elegant blush, burgundy, and navy brunch wedding. Traditionally you’ll see this bold color combination at a nighttime reception, but that didn’t stop us from adapting our bride’s wishes into a distinctive brunch reception. Follow us to learn how we take you through the details and memorable moments of this alluring, elegant brunch wedding design we created for Shelby + Nick.



For this beautiful couple, the wedding Ceremony deeply represented the beginning of their life together, so we wanted to stage it with the perfect elements. It was a mixture of classic and traditional elements with a modern twist fit for a young couple. 

They initially planned for an outdoor ceremony, but Texas heat and weather dictated something different. When having an outdoor wedding you should always have an indoor backup plan in place with all your vendors involved making sure everything runs smoothly. Luckily we had Plan B covered.  In collaboration with Lexi, we managed to make the right choice and bring the ceremony celebration upstairs to the Venue’s Ballroom. 

The ceremony arch had a soft and sophisticated draping, adorned with lush flower arrangements and a stunning crystal chandelier.



Shelby desired that elegant and romantic burgundy, navy wedding with hints of blush. It was a beautiful color palette and vision, but it seemed an aesthetic that could have been more suited for a nighttime celebration. We had to find a way for the idea to work on a brunch wedding. And so we did! When designing the floorplan we kept in mind the breathtaking views and natural light coming through the large windows. Making sure it was suited for the guest experience. In the end, the combination of round and long rectangular tables with a variety of styles and heights the centerpieces made it all come together just right! 

Everyone loved it! It was bold, rich, and sophisticated. But, above all, elegant and everything Shelby & Nick wanted for their big day! Proving that you can also be elegant in the morning. 😉



What a stunner Sweetheart’s table it was! It had a gorgeous floral chandelier on the open drape concept designed for the table backdrop.

An elongated lush low floral arrangement, accompanied by floating candles, and mercury glass votives, provided a romantic, intimate, and sophisticated atmosphere perfect for the bride and groom. 



Shelby desired elegant and traditional cascading flowers on her naked cake. So we did just that! We also made sure to pair it with beautiful rose gold sequin linen and a beaded silver cakestand to bring a young and fresh look to the classical cake style.

They also added the cutest bubblehead figures of them. The funniest part was the photographer placing the bubbleheads having fun all over different parts of the wedding.



We created a stunning traditional cascading style bridal bouquet with hydrangeas, cream and blush roses, burgundy garden roses, amaranthus, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

 For the bridesmaids, a smaller rendition of the bridal bouquet was prepared with the same ingredients and style as the bridal bouquet. The bridal party looked lovely altogether. 



 Event Design, Styling, and Floral: Glitter Poppy Photography: Sky of Texas • Venue:  The Berry Creek Country Club • DJ: Gavin Alexander Velasco



If you are beginning to plan one of the most important days of your life or you are already in the thick of the planning process, we would love the opportunity to serve you! Trusting us with the design process will not only provide for a unique and stunning celebration tailored to you, but it will also bring you peace-of-mind when it comes to the planning, styling and decision-making process. So, get in touch with us and learn about our way of providing that great service you deserve; INQUIRE to start the process! We only want to deliver you our service in the best way possible. We can’t wait to meet you and earn the opportunity to work with you on your big day!


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