Welcome to our studio

Glitter Poppy is a family-owned, full-service wedding design and styling boutique firm based in Central Texas. Our studio is the product of years of passionate work for our clients, catering to their individual needs.


In 2022, at Glitter Poppy, we have reinvented our design studio approach, providing exquisite and timeless wedding designs. Our mission is to guide, serve and please the most delightful brides and their guests with a welcoming and excellent client experience for a flawless wedding that represents your love story.

Behind the Designs

Glitter Poppy is the brainchild of designers Laura Cristina and Lindy, a mother-and-daughter team of entrepreneurs. Laura Cristina, Owner and Lead Designer, has a professional background in cosmetology and styling, which gives her the ability to understand and communicate phenomenal design concepts with cohesive color coordination and incorporating relevant trends. Meanwhile, on the other hand, Lindy provides highly unique design ideas and pushes the limits on creativity by always bringing unique whimsical twists to the table. The combination of the two is the perfect recipe for extraordinary transformations.

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Family Gatherings


Ours is a big family, and something that brings us immense joy is all getting together to celebrate…well, anything. When we get together, the party ensues quickly, with a crazy mix of music, yummy home-cooked meals, and of course, a beautiful ambiance. Every time the clan is reunited, our hearts are simply full of love.

Puerto Rico Culebra

The Ocean!


Our team is originally from Puerto Rico, a gorgeous island full of magnificent beaches. We love our island and its beautiful scenery. We can’t wait for our next relaxing getaway to enjoy the beauty of our island and connect with our families and friends.




Karaoke night and jam sessions are staples in our weekend schedule. Whether listening to live music, playing guitar, singing our hearts out, or just jamming to our favorite tunes at home, music is a big part of life and we are passionate about celebrating the joy of life.

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Flower parties!


We are incredibly passionate about our artful craft, making floral design barely feel like work. When we get to work in the studio, our job is much more than creating unique floral designs; we are so immersed in our process, that it’s not uncommon for time to just fly by with us noticing. For us, every client brings a new flower party!

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Our Children!


Our kids (six gorgeous grandkids in the family) are a big motivation to keep working harder and more focused every single day, and bring joy to everyday things.  They are our biggest inspiration to create the life we’ve always dreamed of, and the cutest members of our family business.


To serve!


We aim to please. It is our priority and drive to make sure that every client feels heard, appreciated, and catered to. This is the basis of the full Glitter Poppy experience. 

Lori & Burt

With our full-service approach, Glitter Poppy is the first team to arrive and the last to leave. Our complete and detailed management process ensures that no detail is left untouched, and each part of your wedding is planned with exquisite design in mind.

Let’s design your big day together!

Ready to take the next step? We invite you to start our Inquiry process if you would love for us to provide you with that comfortable, unforgettable, and elevated experience you desire.

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