3 Reasons Why You Should Book an Event Stylist

From the moment you start planning your big day, selecting all the details to create that perfect vision can be overwhelming, especially if you are a first-timer. With so many elements and different things to choose from; as arrangements needed and what flowers to choose, from the linens and the right color combination, from creating the perfect ambiance to make sure everyone has a great time not only your guest but yourself, it can seem like a never-ending decision-making process that you shouldn’t have to handle on your own.  An event stylist can help in numerous ways throughout the design and development of your big day.  Let me provide a few reasons why you should leave your dreamy event vision come to life by design experts.


One of the biggest things an event stylist can help with is choosing the right type of flower for the occasion. Setting the right tone with the desired ambiance.  Also making sure you get the most value for your event; like selecting flowers that are in season or available all year. Your event stylist will be happy to go over all of this with you, making sure you can make an educated and convenient decision.


Event stylists possess experience in putting together the perfect flower arrangements that will pair perfectly with the correct elements, making sure the design can evoke that wanted emotion and experience for you and your guest.  Adding a level of beauty and elegance to your day.


The simple fact is that planning a wedding or event can be an incredibly stressful process, and flowers are not the only thing to think about by a long shot. Having someone to take care of the entire design and aesthetic portion for your day will lift a lot of weight from your shoulders, and allow you to focus on other parts of the wedding.

When it comes to hiring an Event Designer the list of benefits can be never-ending, but we believe that the most important part of it is the fact that you’ll be in experienced hands that will take care of every little detail, and all you have to do is enjoy your big day without all the hassle.

Let’s design your big day together!

Ready to take the next step? We invite you to start our process if you would love for us to provide you that comfortable, unforgettable, and elevated experience you desire.